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Life is a balancing act

Life is all about Balance

(And I don’t mean wine in one hand & cake in the other 😉)

Yoga has proven to be one of the best ways to improve balance.

Balance is a fundamental component of any movement we perform. Being able to maintain balance is crucial to performing everyday activities such as going up or down stairs, or reaching for a high shelf.

While people will make the effort to fit in a walk or strength exercises through the week, balance specific exercises are often forgotten about, despite how important they are.

Balance can be improved at any age and at any starting level. The key is repetition and practice. Maintaining balance is crucial especially as we start to get older. Having good balance helps in preventing falls, injury, and simply making your daily activities easier to perform.

In Yoga, balance poses require you to stay mentally focused. You’ll often hear me refer to our focus (or gazing point) as drishti. It’s important to have your eyes locked on a steady point so the mind can maintain equanimity. When your mind is focused on a steady object, it can’t be thinking about other problems because you can only have one thought at a time.

Connecting that balance of body with the breath takes you out of your head and into your body instantly and deepens our connection to ourselves.

That focus also allows our brain some ‘down time’

As we get older, the fear of falling can cause us to be more cautious when in fact our bodies are more than able.

So start against a wall, use a chair or even a Yoga Strap initially. Build a solid foundation and find your balance 🙏

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